Our Business

Family Owned and Operated Air Force One A/C Service is a pleasant change to the standard Air Conditioning Company. Praised for its Honesty and Integrity, We have a close relationship with our customers unlike most of the big box companies. This gives us the opportunity to get to your home promptly and able to take our time, making sure our work is done right the first time.

Our Team

President Robert Edgar

Phone: 727-432-2002

Email: weaimtofreeze@yahoo.com


Robert Edgar is the founder and CEO of Air Force One A/C Service. Going into business for himself in 1991 he decided to create a family owned company based on integrity and honesty, something he felt wasnt as prominent in the Air Conditioning industry. Robert is the definition of a family man, married over 25 years along with having 2 beautiful boys, one of which is the Vice President of Air Force One A/C Service.

Vice President Bobby Edgar

Phone: 727-434-2623

Email: bobby.edgar1103@gmail.com


Bobby Edgar is the Vice President of Air Force One A/C Service and more importantly the son of Robert Edgar. Growing up watching his father in the HVAC trade gave Bobby unlimited access to the knowledge of the field. Over time Bobby realized this was what he was meant to do. At the age of 21 he got his contractors license and joined the family business. Now he is the other half of a truely family owned and operated company.

The Air Force One Family!