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Choosing The Right Air Filter

-I know what you're thinking, this one's easy! I know the answer to this.. Well not so fast my friend. Actually the air filter on the left side is most likely going to be the best for your central A/C system!


-I'll tell you why. The filter on the right side is high density which also means highly restricting. These filters do not let your system move enough airflow through the ductwork like it is designed to do. This causes high electric bills and shortens the life of your system!


-The only time you can use a filter like this is if your ductwork is OVER sized to allow for this type of restriction, something you almost never see. Don't believe it? Take a little test! If you have one of these restricting filters in your return air grill now, feel the air flow coming out of the easiest vent you can reach. Now idealy have someone else pull the filter out of the return grill and feel the velocity increase substantially. Told ya!


-Its almost like you trying to run a marathon breathing through a straw.. You're not going to make it very far.. Well neither is your A/C system with a filter like that. Hopefully this has cleared up the mystery of the dreaded filter aisle!!